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November 2021 Pocket Knife of the Month

Few knives meet knife collector’s standards, but when it comes to the Microtech Ultratech, the entire knife making industry pays attention. Widely known as the Out-The-Front knife that sets the bar for all other Out-The-Front knives, the Ultratech is a cut above the rest and it’s plentiful variations match that quality to a variety of […]

November 2021 EDC of the Month

Designed by prolific knife designer Michele Pensato (nicknamed Molletta), the Lionsteel ROK is an Italian made knife breaking new ground in the world of folding knife technology. Lionsteel has set a strong precedent for well constructed, colorful knives, and the ROK only furthers that having won the Blade Show 2018 Manufacturing Quality Award. When examined […]

October 2021 Pocket Knife of the Month

A well known principle by the name of Occam’s razor presents a model for problem solving that proposes that often the correct choice is the one with the least complications – Chris Reeve Knives seems to have taken a similar approach when designing the Sebenza 31. Highly regarded as one of the best everyday carry […]