A fine blade should always have a fine edge. In order to help you maintain a keen edge on all of your blades, we offer professional blade sharpening and restoration services at our store in Riverside, CA. Prices for blade sharpening vary based on the size, style, and condition of the blade. Tip restorations, chip removals, and bevel re-profiles may be performed for an additional fee. All sharpening is done on a walk-in basis, with most work being completed while you wait.

  • Knife sharpening service is a minimum of $10, plus $1 per inch on anything longer than 7″. The only exception is for Benchmade knives, which we sharpen for free.
  • Sword sharpening service starts at $125* per edge, for a sword that has had an edge in the past. Swords that have never had an edge or require extra work to get an edge on the blade will run more than the $125 per edge minimum.
  • Scissors and other tools are quoted on a case-by-case basis.
  • We currently are not able to sharpen hair shears, hair clippers, or serrations.

Bring your knife or knives (or other sharp objects) to our store and we’ll get you a razor-sharp blade ASAP.

Knife Sharpening

Knife sharpening is a delicate process that, when done correctly, can make your knives more effective, and it can even make them last longer. However, if you’re not careful and you sharpen your knives incorrectly, you can easily damage them.

In this article, we’ll describe the different ways to sharpen knives, as well as how to avoid the most common mistakes people make when sharpening and maintaining their knives.

If you’re looking for the best knife sharpening service in Riverside, CA then you have come to the right place. At Grommet’s Knife & Carry, we provide professional knife sharpening services for both residential and commercial customers.

Why it’s important to keep your knives sharp

There are a few reasons why it’s important to keep your knives sharp. First of all, a sharp knife is safer than a dull knife. A dull blade requires more force to use, and this can lead to accidents.

Second, a sharp knife is actually easier to use than a dull knife. A dull blade can be very frustrating, and it can cause you to waste time and energy as you attempt to complete a task.

Simply, a sharp knife will perform better than a dull knife. A dull blade makes it difficult to cut through food or material, whereas a sharp blade will make short work of your task with less effort.

Our knife-sharpening services are available to residents in Riverside, CA, and the surrounding areas. Call us at Grommet’s Knife & Carry today to schedule a sharpening.

We also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best service possible.

The different methods of knife sharpening

There are several different methods when it comes to sharpening knives. Here’s a breakdown of a few of them.

Manual sharpening – This is the most common type of knife sharpening and uses a sharpening stone or rod to sharpen the blade.

Electrical sharpening – This method uses an electrical current to sharpen the blade. It’s faster than manual sharpening, but it can be more difficult to get the same results.

Chemical sharpening – This method uses a chemical agent to sharpen the blade. It’s quick, but it can be difficult to get the same results as with other methods.

If you’re unsure about trying it yourself, you can always turn to a professional. So if you’re looking for the best knife sharpening service in Riverside, CA, look no further than Grommet’s Knife & Carry. Our shop offers quick, convenient, and affordable sharpening services that are sure to meet your needs. Call us today to schedule a sharpening.

Tips for taking care of your knives so they last longer and stay sharper longer

Did you know knives need care and maintenance over time? We’ve compiled some tips for taking care of your knives, so they stay sharp for as long as possible.

  1. Keep your knives clean. It’s important to keep your knives clean and free of dirt and debris, as this can dull the blade over time. Wipe down your blades after each use with a damp cloth to remove any leftover food or grease.
  2. Store your knives properly. When not in use, be sure to store your knives in a safe and secure location. A knife block or magnetic strip are both good options, as they keep the blades protected and sharp.
  3. Use caution when using a sharpening stone. A sharpening stone can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
  4. Sharpen your knives regularly. How often you need to sharpen your knives depends on how often you use them and how dull they are. A general rule of thumb is to sharpen them every three to four months.

If you’re looking for a quality knife sharpening service near you, you found it. Grommet’s Knife & Carry can help. We also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best. Call or visit us today.

Benefits of using a professional knife sharpener

While you can certainly try to sharpen your knives at home, there are a few benefits of using a professional knife sharpener.

  1. They have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. A professional knife sharpener knows how to sharpen your knives properly and will be able to restore the edge of a dull blade.
  2. They have the right tools for the job. A professional knife sharpener will have a variety of sharpening stones and honing rods that can be used to sharpen any type of knife.
  3. They are quick and convenient. A professional knife sharpener can quickly and easily sharpen your knives, often in less than 10 minutes.
  4. They are affordable. Professional knife sharpeners typically charge a reasonable price for their services, which is much cheaper than purchasing a new set of knives.

If you’re looking for a high-quality knife sharpening service, our shop offers a quick, convenient, and affordable option. Call us or stop by today to schedule.

How to find the best knife sharpening service near you

If you’re looking for the best knife sharpening service near you, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, check to see if the shop offers a straight-edge blade. This will ensure that your knife is sharpened evenly and correctly.

Second, make sure that the store has experienced sharpening knives. You don’t want to end up with a dull or damaged blade.

Finally, ask around for recommendations. Talk to friends, family, and other people you trust to see who they recommend. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find the best knife sharpening service near you.

The best knife sharpening services in Riverside, CA

If your knives are starting to feel dull and you’re in need of a blade refresh, Riverside, CA is home to the best knife specialists in the business.

Grommet’s Knife & Carry offers professional knife sharpening and blade restoration services to keep your knives in top condition. We offer tip restoration, chip removal, and bevel re-profiling to get your blades back in shape, as well as professional sharpening services to keep them performing at their best.

Whether you’re an experienced chef or a novice home cook, the experts at Grommet’s Knife & Carry can help you get the most out of your knives.

Grommet’s Knife & Carry sharpening services

We understand that not everyone has the time or patience to learn how to sharpen their own knives. That’s why we offer an affordable professional sharpening service that is quick, convenient, and reliable. Types of knives we sharpen include:

  1. Pocket knives
  2. Kitchen knives
  3. Serrated knives
  4. Hunting knives
  5. Tactical knives
  6. Fishing knives
  7. Camping knives
  8. EDC knives
  9. Fixed blade knives
  10. Folding knives

Visit our store at 1960 Chicago Ave Ste D-23, Riverside, CA 92507 or call us at (951) 697-6468. We also offer free shipping on orders over $99.


How do I sharpen garden tools and scissors?

Sharpening garden tools is an essential part of keeping your garden looking its best. A sharp blade makes it easier to cut through plants and weeds, and it also helps to prevent injuries.

Scissors are also much easier to use when they are sharp. Dull scissors can be frustrating and can result in torn fabric or cuts. Fortunately, it’s easy to sharpen garden tools and scissors using a few simple techniques.

The most common method is to use a sharpening stone. This can be a bit tricky to use, but it’s the most accurate way to sharpen your tools.

Another option is to use a grinder. Grinders are much easier to use than sharpening stones, but they’re not as accurate. They can also be dangerous, so be sure to wear safety goggles when using one.

Finally, you can also use a file to sharpen your tools. This is the easiest method, but it’s also the least accurate. It’s a good option for emergencies, or if you’re traveling and don’t have access to a sharpening stone or grinder.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to take your time and go slowly. Sharpening garden tools or scissors is a process that takes patience and practice.

How do I sharpen lawn mower blades?

At the beginning of every season, or at least once a month, it’s important to sharpen your lawn mower blades. Keeping your blades sharp is a must if you want to maintain a healthy lawn. A dull blade can cause you to waste energy and can also damage your grass.

Fortunately, sharpening your blades is a relatively easy task that only requires a few tools. First, you’ll need a blade sharpener. You can find these at most hardware stores. Next, you’ll need something to clamp the blade in place while you sharpen it. A vise or a piece of wood will do the trick. Finally, you’ll need a sharpening stone.

Once you have all of your tools assembled, it’s time to get to work. First, clamp the blade in place and then sharpen each side of the blade using the sharpening stone. Be sure to go slowly and be careful not to damage the blade. Once both sides are sharp, move on to the next blade.

It’s important to sharpen your blades regularly in order to keep them sharp and effective. But if this still seems like a complicated and dangerous task, you can always get the help of a professional. If you opt for a professional sharpener, then Grommet’s Knife & Carry is your best alternative.

Riverside, CA

Riverside is a city in and the county seat of Riverside County, CaliforniaUnited States, located in the Inland Empire metropolitan area. It is named for its location beside the Santa Ana River.[10] It is the most populous city in the Inland Empire and in Riverside County, and is located about 50 miles (80 km) southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It is also part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Riverside is the 61st-most-populous city in the United States and 12th-most-populous city in California. As of the 2020 census, Riverside had a population of 314,998.[8] Along with San Bernardino, Riverside is a principal city in the 13th-largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the United States; the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario MSA (pop. 4,599,839) ranks in size just below San Francisco (pop. 4,749,008) and above Detroit (pop. 4,392,041) in population.

Riverside was founded in the early 1870s. It is the birthplace of the California citrus industry and home of the Mission Inn, the largest Mission Revival Style building in the United States.[11] It is also home to the Riverside National Cemetery and the Eastern Division of the Federal District Court for the Central District of California.

The University of California, Riverside, is located in the northeastern part of the city. The university also hosts the Riverside Sports Complex. Other attractions in Riverside include the Fox Performing Arts CenterMuseum of Riverside, which houses exhibits and artifacts of local history, the California Museum of Photography, the California Citrus State Historic ParkCastle Park, and the Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree, the last of the two original navel orange trees in California.