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How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife

learn how to sharpen a serrated knife

The knives you use should be well sharpened for two reasons. First, they’ll be much easier to use and won’t smash the thing you’re trying to cut. Second, having a properly sharpened knife also means greater safety. When working with a dull knife, you have to put much more force into cutting. At best, you’ll […]

This Week’s EDC Setup

Pocket Dump of Benchmade Contego, Fenix TR16, G Shock Watch, Field Notes pen, Grommet's Leathercraft wallet

This Setup Consists of: Benchmade Contego G Shock Mudmaster Watch Field Notes Expedition Notebook Hinderer Extreme Duty Pen Fenix TK16 Flash Light Grommet’s Leathercraft Manu Wallet   What do you think about our recommendations? What setup do you want to see us do next? Let us know in the comments below or message us with […]