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December 2021 Pocket Knife of the Month

The USMC Fighter by Medford Knife and Tool is a beloved modern take on the classic Marine Utility Knife, but Medford has added a companion to this series that adds a new level of portability, the USMC Fighter Flipper. When designing The Fighter, Medford went the extra mile to create a fixed blade with unmatched […]

November 2021 EDC Pen and Notebook

Notepads have been the silent backbone of many careers throughout the ages, their simple information saving capabilities have supported bartenders and biologists alike since their invention. Rite in the Rain has taken the essential human technology of the notepad and eliminated one of it’s biggest weaknesses, water. The ability to write very literally, “in the […]

November Multi-tool of the Month

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How prepared you are on the job is often dictated by how many tools you brought with you that are relevant to the problem – thankfully Leatherman has figured out how to put an arsenal of tools in your pocket with the Charge Plus series. Boasting a whopping nineteen tools, the standard Charge Plus allows […]

November 2021 Fixed Blade of the Month

Many knifemakers attempt to build on classic designs tested thoroughly by time, but few of these updated models make a leap in quality quite like The Fighter by Medford Knife and Tool. The Fighter, also known as the USMC Fighter, is a modern take on the utility knife used by the United States Marines during […]

November 2021 Pocket Knife of the Month

Few knives meet knife collector’s standards, but when it comes to the Microtech Ultratech, the entire knife making industry pays attention. Widely known as the Out-The-Front knife that sets the bar for all other Out-The-Front knives, the Ultratech is a cut above the rest and it’s plentiful variations match that quality to a variety of […]

November 2021 EDC of the Month

Designed by prolific knife designer Michele Pensato (nicknamed Molletta), the Lionsteel ROK is an Italian made knife breaking new ground in the world of folding knife technology. Lionsteel has set a strong precedent for well constructed, colorful knives, and the ROK only furthers that having won the Blade Show 2018 Manufacturing Quality Award. When examined […]

October 2021 Fixed Blade of the Month

Designed by Benchmade for the Hunt Series, the Saddle Mountain Skinner is a refined fixed blade for serious hunters. Benchmade’s fixed blade lineup features a versatile spread of capable blades, but none more suited for big game skinning than the Saddle Mountain Skinner. With an overall length over 8.7” the Skinner is also well suited […]

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