November 2021 Pocket Knife of the Month

Few knives meet knife collector’s standards, but when it comes to the Microtech Ultratech, the entire knife making industry pays attention. Widely known as the Out-The-Front knife that sets the bar for all other Out-The-Front knives, the Ultratech is a cut above the rest and it’s plentiful variations match that quality to a variety of tastes. Even used by Keanu Reeves in the John Wick films, the Microtech Ultratech has a famously revered reputation even among people who know nothing about knives. The sleek and minimal design by Anthony Marfione, the owner of Microtech, is magnificent with some of the most impressive knife internals on the market. The Ultratech is the whole package and more, undoubtedly top of the line.

At first glance it is difficult not to be impressed by the smooth almost matte finish of the anodized 6061-T6 aluminum handle (available in a whole host of colors), but the presentation and material only scratch the surface of what the Microtech Ultratech has to offer. When held, the five strategically placed jimping points become more apparent, placed on both sides of the body, the handle provides ample grip for any cutting task while remaining understated. With a weight of 3.45 oz. the Ultratech feels solid yet agile, and the quality of the build is extremely apparent when held. The machine work is truly second to none on the Ultratech, once again setting the bar for it’s contemporaries. The quality is to the degree that several fake knives with lesser quality builds are produced and sold by unofficial dealers because the Microtech logo carries a hefty reputation. However you should have no fear purchasing here, as official Microtech dealers, any Ultratech will be genuine and reliably awesome out of the box.

Housed inside the handle is a blade made from M390, Carpenter CTS 204P, Carpenter XHP, or Bohler ELMAX in a Single Edge, Double Edge, Bayonet, Tanto Edge style and several serrated variations of those. Clearly Microtech likes having options for their work and the work requirements of their customers. There really is a variation for every need and style with added options of DLC, Bronzed, Satin, Stonewashed, and Apocalyptic blade finish. There are certainly plenty of Ultratech models to choose from and without a doubt one exists to feed your inner John Wick. The one thing all these blades have in common is what they’re attached to. Proprietary technology by Microtech allows for the spring mechanism to be at rest in both the open and closed positions. This revolutionary design element is highly sought after as it drastically reduces the wear that occurs to the mechanism over time and ensures the long term reliability of the knife.

The main action of the Ultratech is controlled by a textured switch on the side of the handle, providing the perfect amount of tension before deploying the blade. Owners of the iconic blade categorize the action and crisp click sound as addicting, once you hear it you know that this knife provides a satisfaction like no other. In addition to the obvious blade function, the Ultratech also provides a handy glass breaker at the back end, surely one of the features that makes this OTF a favorite among first responders. The extra peace of mind that the Ultratech offers is only bolstered by the outstanding wide pocket clip the design includes, uniquely featuring a second dip to ensure a tight grip on any pocket. It is very clear why the Ultratech is Microtech’s flagship model, setting the standard for all OTF knives is no easy task but this knife seems to do it with ease. Check out some of the models we have available at the moment, any of them would make a great EDC knife. For something just a tad smaller, 15% smaller to be exact, check out Microtech’s UTX-85.

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