Fixed Blade – White River Knife & Tool Firecraft 5

Fire and survival have gone hand in hand since the dawn of humanity, now the White River Firecraft FC5 allows you to wield more than one of the elements with ease. Designed with toughness, durability, and functionality in mind the FC5 is an ideal tool for use as a primary fixed blade carry for someone who may find themselves in real outdoor conditions that require an extra level of preparedness. White River’s Firecraft series currently offers four different blade lengths displayed by the number in the name (the >FC 3.5, >FC4, FC5, and the FC7) with varying levels of blade thickness, the FC5 is a step down from the largest and takes its place as all-purpose camping and hunting knife that you will always want at your side.

This white river firecraft FC allows you to wield more than one of the elements with ease.

The FC5 has a full tang, hollow grind 5”  blade in a clip point style, maximizing the potential function of the blade. It is clear that the craftsmanship behind the entire White River line is top-notch, but the true attention to detail starts to become apparent when the blade is more closely examined.

A stonewash finish graces the blade, allowing for the unavoidable scuffs from hard use to blend in nicely, but don’t be fooled, by no means does that mean the blade steel is weak. Made from CPM-S35VN steel, the blade is expertly heat-treated and is rated with a hardness level of 59 HRC, meaning the intervals before sharpening is necessary will be fewer and farther between than cheaper steels. CPM-S35VN also has a strong resistance to corrosion meaning you can be less worried about potential rust damage when you need your knife in a real survival situation. The spine of the blade on the FC5 features some jimping ridges for added grip followed by a deeper notch implemented by the designer Jason Tietz for the purpose of efficient ferro rod striking.

As mentioned previously, the thickness of the blades in the Firecraft series goes up in correspondence with the blade size, and the 0.158″ blade size on the FC5 is incredibly solid, this allows for batoning of the knife for tasks such as splitting wood without having to worry about damaging the blade.

The handle of this knife further showcases the fire starting functionality of the blade with a dedicated polished stainless steel divot at the center, intended for use with a fire bow. For anyone who knows how to use this fire-starting technique, this divot is incredibly useful, providing a smooth place for a bow drill to spin with ease. In combination with the dedicated ferro rod striking divot, the Firecraft FC5 provides a valuable level of aid and reassurance to any survival situation. The rest of the FC5’s handle is 4.75” and made from OD green Micarta, outfitted with a deep finger choil for maximum grip and comfort during heavy use. The almost identical length of the blade and handle on the FC5 give it a balanced feel when held. The overall weight of the knife (8.51 oz.) adds to the balanced feeling while also providing reassurance in the structural integrity of the design when handling. The handle is mounted to the full tang blade via two stainless steel tube pins, adding two holes for potential use, and at the very tail end of the handle, there is a third larger hole suitable for lanyard ties.

All of the function-packed into the Firecraft FC5 is further bolstered by the unique Kydex sheath and the ferro rod included with every Firecraft knife. The sheath of the FC5 is specially designed to expose only the stainless steel divot for a fire bow drill so you can handle the knife without having to worry about the blade being exposed. The sheath also comes with a mounted loop for the included ferro rod, meaning you can have the max functionality out of this knife as soon as you receive it (If you would like more options for sheaths, please contact us at An excellent blade with bonus fire-starting features that won’t burn a massive hole in your pocket is hard to beat. Expertly crafted to withstand the harsh conditions of nature it is clear that on all fronts the Firecraft FC5 is an excellent fixed blade well suited to be a primary outdoor carry.

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