There is something special about having a beautifully crafted tool in your pocket that you can count on, day in and day out. Running your fingers over the micarta handle of an American made pocket knife, feeling the perfect balance of a titanium pen, or the heft of a top-quality multi-tool – it’s a feeling of trust, safety, and a strong sense of aesthetic. We love the feeling of holding and carrying items that are both beautiful and functional, and so do our customers. That’s why we guide our customers with expertise, knowledge, and honesty every day. It’s why we are dedicated to helping them find the item that’s right for them.

We don’t take the term everyday carry lightly. If you’re going to carry something every day, we want it to be something you love, something you trust. That’s why we only curate items that meet our high standards. And why we pour over the specs of every item we sell so we can pass that knowledge on to you.

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We come from humble beginnings – what started as a booth at a swap meet has evolved and become a Southern California institution. When we first opened our doors we sold almost entirely swords, with just a few knives in the store. Today, we sell only the highest quality collections of knives, pens, cutting tools, and everyday carry items.

One thing that has not changed is our commitment to our customers and the items we carry. We only stock items that meet our high standard of quality and support. That means no cheap shelf stuffers or off market brands, We carry items manufactured by reputable companies that provide the industry’s strongest warranties and a proven track record of success – well known companies such as Benchmade and Spyderco as well as more niche manufacturers like White River Knife & Tool and ProTech. For every brand that we carry we are an authorized dealer: our staff is educated on every product we sell and we have a direct relationship with the company for honoring warranties.

You won’t find this type of commitment from knife superstores.

Our mission is to bring the best quality everyday carry items to customers who appreciate quality, service, and a commitment to excellence.

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We only carry items we are proud to represent from companies that are aligned with our values. That means best in class warranties and companies with a proven track record of taking care of their customers.



When we’re not working with customers, we’re spending time studying up on the products we’re selling. We want to provide customers with the best information so they can make the correct buying decision.



We believe it’s more important to be honest than to make a sale. If a customer has a question for us and we don’t know the answer we’ll say “I don’t know” and then work hard to find the answer.

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What We’re Against

• We don’t push products on customers that they don’t need

• We don’t sell products that we wouldn’t carry ourselves

• We don’t sell products that don’t function at the top of their class for the price

• We don’t tell our customers that we know something when we don’t

• We don’t *fake* expertise or knowledge

• We don’t carry everything under the sun (and that’s for a reason)

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What We’re For

• Tools made to last a lifetime

• A tool that’s top of it’s class for a particular use

• Work with companies that are committed to their products and customers

• Products backed by warranties that are best in their categories

• Products that are top of their class for the price range

• Products priced to match their quality – based on where they’re made, or product origin

• Products we as users would carry and use (I wouldn’t bring anything into the store that I wouldn’t carry or use)

• Carrying only products we know our customers will love

a man in a black shirt and blue gloves holding a pair of scissors.