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Made in U.S.A. badge because our knives are made in our country

88% of our KNIVES are made in the U.S.

The other 12%of our blades are from Europe and Japan. You wont find any cheap knives at Grommet’s.

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I had a wow customer experience today.Walked in just to browse and was helped by Manu. He’s awesome he helped get a nice Kershaw first knife.He was very thorough and took the time to show me knives several hundred dollars more expensive than mine but he was passionate and wanted to guide me in the decision process.I’ll definitely be back for more knives.

Juan Perez

Love this store ! The staff is actually very knowledgeable of blades and steels, which is amazing! I love this place. The prices are a bit higher than most online sites but you can’t see quality control or get the feel of the blade online so definitely worth the extra bucks

Sciamachy Standard

I only use them for their sharpening services, but that alone is worth the 5 stars. Seriously. I pay about $25 for my chefs knife, pairing knife and slicer. They get it done quickly and the knives are actually sharp, afterward. Anyone who actually gets their knives sharpened knows how much of a difference this makes and how surprisingly few local places there are too get this done correctly. Thanks, as always, Grommet’s.

Justin Hall

Excellent leather work here. I have had numerous custom work done and Allen gets it done quickly and with quality. I will always go back to this shop!!! Love it!!!


Awesome customer service, awesome knives and huge selection if you hate ordering online and waiting for packages spend a couple bucks more and get it locally and support small businesses…

Billy Sa

I like Gromments Cutlery thank you allen for ever you do for me it’s Sean McCarthy

Sean Mccarthy
Online Knife Store

6 Tips for Finding the Best Knife Online Store

Everyone wants a no-fuss experience when shopping for knives online. With hundreds of stores selling knives online, finding the best knife store online can be daunting. Some shop claims to have the widest selection of knives anywhere or the best services. But you can take what they say with a pinch of salt. Here are a few practical tips that can help you find the right knife store online.

Wide Selection of Knives

The largest knife retailers online are a trusted resource for quality knives and accessories from all top knife brands. Whether you are looking for pocket knives for everyday use or survival knives for outdoor camping, we’ve have got your back. You can choose from a selection of folding knives, fixed blade knives, combat, and tactical knives or multi-purpose swiss army knives. Some stores have thousands of products from renowned brands like Buck and Spyderco. You can also find the best sellers, featured products, and the latest releases in the product catalog.

Genuine Knives and Accessories

Purchasing knives online is always a gamble of some sort. The largest online retailers often sell only decent or high-quality knives from big brands. They even have a knife index where you can browse various knives and sharpening accessories from top manufacturers. Beware of imitations. While knife clones and counterfeits resemble the real knife product, you can normally spot the difference in their construction or material used. Everything from their quality to weight and size feels off. Popular knife brands adhere to strict dimension, weight, and design standards.

Factory Direct Brands

Authorized dealers and reputable online stores carry everything from well-known brands and collectible knife lines all the way to elite names like Spartan, Zero Tolerance and Chris Reeve. Like any happy customer creating a positive review, you have peace of mind knowing you are buying products from a real store with real inventory. You can order the same original knives you find in brick-and-mortar storefronts near you. Whatever style or design, they have a knife that meets your specific needs.

Custom/Handmade Knives for Sale

Not every online store can provide you with the option to buy custom knives. But some stores offer you the option to customize your knife. You can choose from a variety of components and watch your knife come to life before it is built. You can personalize your knife with a unique handle and engraving. We don’t offer that, but our knives combine good edge retention, rust resistance, and ease of re-sharpening and are some of the best knives in the world.

Authentic Online Knife Retailers Website

Knife manufacturers usually sell products through their own stores or established online retailers. Researching the authenticity of an online knife store can save you from buying cheap or fakes. To ensure that you get a knife that is 100% original, purchase knives from established and reputable online stores like Knife and Carry. While the seller might close checkout when they’re adding new stock, visitors can still access useful links on the site and even sign up for their newsletter.

Flexible Knife Store Phone Hours

Every knife store online that is worth its salt is where it is today because customer service is their #1 priority. They are always ready to help customers and have toll-free phone numbers where customers can call to make inquiries. Whenever you need help, you can reach them Monday-Friday during business hours.

Buy High-quality Knives Online

Knife and Carry is your go-to online store for knives and everyday carry (EDC) accessories. Our wide assortment of knives includes brands such as Buck, Benchmade, Spyderco, Medford, Microtech and Victorinox. The knives we sell are either selectively curated or personally crafted by a bladesmith who understands the importance of a good knife. You can order as many knives as you want as long as we have them in stock. Browse our knives selection, view some of the useful links then create an account where you can order and check out fast any day or date. With Knife and Carry, you get the world’s best knives and many benefits including faster checkout, 30-day returns, razor-sharp customer service, and free shipping on all knives.

Common Misspellings of Knives

Are you looking for a knofe store? Probably not, but you’d be surprised how many people type that in every day. Same for kife.

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