November 2021 EDC Pen and Notebook

a pen sitting on top of a notebook.

Notepads have been the silent backbone of many careers throughout the ages, their simple information saving capabilities have supported bartenders and biologists alike since their invention. Rite in the Rain has taken the essential human technology of the notepad and eliminated one of it’s biggest weaknesses, water. The ability to write very literally, “in the rain” is no longer a fantasy, and instead an incredibly accessible reality that is available for purchase here at If you do any sort of work that is outdoors or just encounter the harsh realities of the elements on a regular basis, the Rite in the Rain notebook could be your greatest companion. Several variations of notebook are available to satisfy your color and style preferences including a hardcover book, side spiral notebook, and a top spiral notebook or legal pad.

Rite in the rain is the perfect notebook. Rite in the rain has taken the essential human technology of the notepad and eliminated one of it’s biggest weaknesses, water

The water resistant design of the Rite in the Rain products not only provides protection from liquids but provides resistance to above average wear and tear. The Wire-O spiral binding that Rite in the Rain uses is impact-resistant and can survive the most dangerous of pockets and backpacks. The Polydura and Fabrikoid notebook covers that Rite in the Rain uses are strong and further protect your precious notes with a simple two tone design that would fit well with a wide variety of every day carry kits. In addition to all the lovely blank pages in the middle, the notebooks feature rulers, conversion charts, and map scales that are printed on the cover and will undoubtedly prove handy in the field at some point. If the idea of all-weather paper doesn’t excite you immediately, open your mind with me for a moment and ponder the unexplored possibilities that this technology carries. That’s why they’re so popular at many knife store and every day carry websites. Do you have your best ideas in the shower but tend to forget them by the time you dry off? Rite in the Rain allows you to preserve your best ideas, as soon as they come to you, without a mess, and without a wet smartphone or destroyed notebook. Maybe you are an overworked student and you want to study in the bath, boom, waterproof notecards. Need a place to keep that incredible soup recipe in your messy kitchen? Problem solved. Waterproof paper airplanes, coffee proof homework, passing notes in swim class, the use of a Rite in the Rain notebook extends as far as your imagination does. It’ll even survive a trip through the washing machine.

The Rite in the Rain all weather notebook is great for any weather condition you may run into.

What better to pair with a notebook that can survive it all than with a Tuff Writer pen. Offering a regular sized Precision Press model, Mini Click model, and screw on cap Operator model the Tuff Writer pens all offer satisfying deployment and unmatched durability. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, brass, copper, or titanium, Tuff Writer pens come in a variety of colors and the titanium model even offers a flamed iridescent option. The titanium pen bodies are made from solid titanium bar stock instead of tubing, setting Tuff Writer products a step above the rest in machine quality and precision. These pens are ideal in all conditions, and to say that the click is addicting would be an understatement. If you are looking for a long term writing utensil that encourages use through style and feel, look no further than a Tuff Writer pen.

What better to pair with a notebook that can survive it all than with a Tuff pen