A fine blade should always have a fine edge. In order to help you maintain a keen edge on all of your blades, we offer professional blade sharpening and restoration services at our store in the Moreno Valley Mall. Prices for blade sharpening vary based on the size, style and condition of the blade. Tip restorations, chip removals, and bevel re-profiles may be performed for an additional fee. All sharpening is done on a walk-in basis, with most work being completed while you wait.

  • Knife sharpening service is a minimum of $7 ($7 or a $1 per inch, whichever is larger)*. The only exception is for Benchmade knives, which we sharpen for free.
  • Sword sharpening service starts at $30* per edge, for a sword that has had an edge in the past. Swords that have never had an edge or require extra work to get an edge on the blade will run more than the $30 per edge minimum.
  • Scissors and other tools are quoted on a case by case basis.
  • We currently are not able to sharpen hair shears, hair clippers, or serrations.

Bring your knife or knives (or other sharp object) to our store and we’ll get you a razor-sharp blade ASAP.



We offer in-store custom leather and Kydex work. For more than a decade, we have been making custom leather and Kydex items including sheaths, holsters, belts, bags, wallets, purses, armor… really anything you can think of that we could make out of leather or Kydex. Check out for projects that are ready to order now. For custom orders, contact our staff through the Grommet’s Leathercraft website, or you can email them at