October 2021 Pocket Knife of the Month

A well known principle by the name of Occam’s razor presents a model for problem solving that proposes that often the correct choice is the one with the least complications – Chris Reeve Knives seems to have taken a similar approach when designing the Sebenza 31. Highly regarded as one of the best everyday carry […]

October 2021 EDC of the Month

If you're looking for an EDC knife look no further.

With the Shane Sibert designed Adamas, Benchmade has created a legacy of tank-like knives. Built beefy for maximum strength, the Adamas folders have been a long time staple for members of the military because of the high level of quality and capability. Using such a robust tool as an everyday carry has been somewhat limited […]

How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife

learn how to sharpen a serrated knife

The knives you use should be well sharpened for two reasons. First, they’ll be much easier to use and won’t smash the thing you’re trying to cut. Second, having a properly sharpened knife also means greater safety. When working with a dull knife, you have to put much more force into cutting. At best, you’ll […]

GK&C September 2021 EDC Knife of the Month

Benchmade makes several exceptional folding and fixed blades that all function as strong EDC knife choices, but one particular model in their lineup, the Bugout, is regarded by many knife owners as one of the best EDC knives on the market. Introduced originally with a blue Grivory handle and a CPM-S30V blade, the line has […]

Different Knife Lock Types

If you are looking at purchasing a folding knife, especially as a new buyer or collector, you can easily be overwhelmed by all of the options available. You will quickly notice that there are hundreds of features and styles to choose from. Should you get an EDC knife or a fixed blade knife? Assisted opening […]

Don’t Miss Richard’s Staff Recommendation – Benchmade 940-1

I think it would be hard to argue with the position that the Benchmade 940 is the quintessential EDC knife, which probably explains why I have so many variations in my collection. And I’ve carried at least four variants as regular carry knives through the years, but the one I’ve carried the most consistently, and […]