October 2021 EDC of the Month

If you're looking for an EDC knife look no further.

With the Shane Sibert designed Adamas, Benchmade has created a legacy of tank-like knives. Built beefy for maximum strength, the Adamas folders have been a long time staple for members of the military because of the high level of quality and capability. Using such a robust tool as an everyday carry has been somewhat limited by the size of the original Adamas design, but that all changed earlier this year when Benchmade delivered the Mini Adamas, which might just be the perfect fit for your casual loadout. Coming in at 7.62” when open, the Mini Adamas is a full 1.27” shorter than it’s full-sized predecessors, which may not seem like much at first, but the material trimmed from the handle creates a drastic almost two ounce difference in the weight of the knife. This new compact design is ever so slightly smaller in size than the Benchmade Griptillian, and just .01” larger than the Bugout, meaning the regular pocket carry of this knife is not only realistic but in the realm of ideal.

If you are familiar with the Adamas, you may be worried that the Mini version has stripped away what makes the original design so rugged, but that is simply not the case. The G-10 handle scales of the Mini Adamas are thick and tough as ever. Literally as thick as the larger model. The weight of the design as a whole allows the wide handle to sit securely in the hand, giving the user immediate confidence in the strength of the tool. The handle of the Mini retains the same contouring of the original design on a smaller scale, providing jimping towards the front and back end of the bottom side of the handle for maximum grip. The full size Adamas is well regarded for functioning well with gloves, partially for it’s larger handle and partially for the ease of the AXIS lock. The Mini Adamas utilizes Benchmade’s famous AXIS Lock and is just as easy to manage with gloved hands, but the size of the handle may not be well suited for larger gloved hands. Ungloved, this knife is not only compatible but comfortable for a wide range of hand sizes. That being said, this trimmed down knife was designed to be an everyday carry, it is meant to bring the same tough reliability of the Adamas outside of your work environment and into more casual scenarios.

Possibly the biggest upgrade that the Mini Adamas brings to the Adamas line is the new CPM-Cruwear blade. With a 63-65 Rockwell hardness rating, 3.25” drop point design, the CPM-Cruwear blade on the Mini Adamas is perfect for your EDC needs and beyond. Not only is the edge retention better than the older model’s D2 blades, but it also has better toughness and corrosion resistance, meaning you can carry the Mini into more situations or environments with full confidence your blade won’t fail you. The edge on this knife is razor sharp out of the box and the steel allows for a level of quality that is consistent throughout frequent use and is easy to maintain.

As far as folding knives go, the Benchmade Mini Adamas is not only an excellent design, but one that lends itself to regular use. The size alteration is the perfect adjustment for fitting in a pocket while not sacrificing any of the power and strength that the full size Adamas offers, and the Mini takes it a step further with the premium blade steel. With the added bonus of Benchmade’s Lifesharp lifetime warranty, the Mini Adamas is a worthy investment with good insurance, so you can use it for heavy duty work with that extra level of assurance.

To go along with your new heavy duty EDC Mini Adamas, why not grab a slick looking handkerchief, a beefy watch, a tough new pen, and maybe a notebook to complete your new set up?  

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