September 2021 Pen & Notebook of the Month

Take notes with this awesome notepad and pen

If you are looking to bolster the capabilities of your everyday carry loadout to include notation of any kind, look no further than the Tactile Turn Side Click Standard Titanium Pen. Coming in at 5.875” this pen is not much bigger than your average click pen, but the two piece titanium design gives it a luxurious 1.2 oz weight that seems to make every written word feel like a decree. If you have spent some time exploring it is likely that you care deeply about the quality knives that you use and the items you bring with you everywhere. Finding a writing utensil that comes anywhere near the level of quality of the other items in your daily arsenal can seem outlandish, even laughable, but rest assured that the Tactile Turn Side Click is up to the challenge.

At first glance the Standard Side Click catches the light beautifully along the titanium body, radiating a raw and modern sophistication found in a quality blade. The body has a wider than average diameter of 0.43” which rests in the hand comfortably and provides enough surface area for your fingers to get a tight grip when writing. The body also features the famous Tactile Turn horizontal milling pattern across the entire length of the knife. The horizontal milling is quite understated from afar and up close it shines as a detail that truly gives the pen a high quality feel when held. The ridges from the horizontal milling provide a surprising degree of grip and bite to the entire surface of the pen, but they are not sharp, allowing for a secure grip without hand discomfort.

We all know that it is what is on the inside that matters, and to no one’s surprise Tactile Turn has outfitted the Side Click Standard with a Pilot G2 0.7 mm refill, a beloved and dependable refill. If the Pilot G2 is not your style, the manufacturer lists several other refills that also fit and others that can be modified to fit. That being said, the pen works like a dream in the standard configuration. The whole assembly feels sophisticated, it is undeniable when you feel the Side Click in your hand.

All this and there is still one key feature, the namesake of this pen, the side click mechanism. It would be an understatement to say that clicking this pen is addictive, thankfully the incredibly sturdy design makes it very fidget friendly. A press on the top of the pen will deploy it, and a press on the side button will release and retract the tip. A dangerously simple yet elegant mechanism that will have you annoying the entire office with a giddy smile. It feels good to use, it is meant to use, and it can certainly stand up to the test of time. Tactile Turn has ensured that this pen can stand up more than a lifetime of real use, and as long as you don’t lose it there is no reason that it couldn’t be passed down through the generations looking as cool as it did when you bought it.

No pen would be complete without a place to write, we recommend the Field Notes Pitch Black Ruled Paper Notebook (Graph paper for the freaks). A beautiful 4-3/4″ × 7-1/2″ notebook with a Field Notes-exclusive cover stock made up of “Blacktop” , a special material they created in collaboration with the French Paper Company in Niles, Michigan. Sixty-four pages where you are free to express yourself with your fancy new pen, what could be better? Well, they come in a two pack, so doodle to your heart’s content.

In addition to the more standard looking fare from Field Notes, they publish regular special editions, most of which sell out faster than fast. One of our favorites from the past year has been the National Parks series, of which there are several different three packs, each with their own art commemorating one of the amazing national parks across the USA. 

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