Grommet’s Knife & Carry September 2021 Pocket Knife

If you are a fan of overbuilt knives, then Medford Knife & Tool has you covered! One of the most popular pocket knives they offer, the Praetorian Genesis T is a must-see. The silhouette of this knife grabs your attention with a uniquely sized blade and handle, marked by deep ridges and sharp lines, giving its design the flare and character of something out of your favorite movie or videogame franchises. The words that come to mind when picking up this knife are stout, beefy, and awesome. It’s the kind of knife that puts a smile on your face as soon as you get your paws on it.

Like almost every knife that Medford makes, there is a vast amount of customization available – the variety of colors and textures that you can choose from this model of stunning. Most of the techniques used to create the various textures and colors on this knife are done by hand, which means they often produce randomized results, offering all knife collectors a chance at a completely unique knife with alluring features no matter what they choose. In the area of handle texture, various forms of sculpting are offered such as Lazy River Sculpting, Bark Sculpting, Hammered Sculpting, Water Ripple Sculpting, Peaks and Valleys Sculpting, or the classic smooth finish, giving the user a wide range of grip levels and aesthetics to choose from. Each texture makes the knife pop, and there are truly no other knives that look like the Medford Praetorian family.

The practical size of the Genesis T model of the Praetorian was actually planned to be the original size of the famous knife, but its debut as a medium Praetorian occurred after the release of the current massive full-size model which Medford says was a printing fluke. This knife may appear very large at first glance, but it is a slight illusion because of the unique distribution of material when the knife is open. In fact, the Medford Praetorian Genesis T is actually similar in size to the Benchmade 940, a staple EDC known for practicality and function. Of course, the design is drastically different in the blade department, but in terms of open length, 7.5” is very comparable to the 7.87″ of the 940. That, however, is where the similarities between the knives end.

The Genesis T is a beast compared to most folders, with a 0.19” blade thickness and full titanium construction and hardware, this knife is solid as a rock. Most Medford knives come assembled tightly and need some wearing in for the smoothest possible action, but this is to ensure that there is no blade play as the knife ages. These knives are made to be used to the full extent of their capability, the solid titanium construction ensures that. The simple mechanisms at the pivot of the knife and the framelock mechanism allow for use that doesn’t require constant maintenance even in less than ideal conditions. The aggressive jimping on the spine of the blade and top of the handle are sharp and best suited for giving maximum grip when handling the knife with gloves. A solid glass breaker at the back end of the knife means you have extra utility and comfort when carrying this impressive Medford. Adding to the reassurance is the incredibly satisfying click that locking the blade into the sturdy titanium handle creates, a sound that tells you nothing will disengage the blade.

At the higher starting price point of the Medford Praetorian Genesis T line, some people may dismiss this knife as no more useful or usable than a fancy watch, but that is simply not the case. The Genesis T can handle most anything and get through the job fully intact, it is made to be used in a heavy work environment. The wholly individual aesthetics of these knives are unmatched, and it is very clear that this is a thoughtfully made knife capable of being a strong everyday carry companion. And if you do not see the build that you want, contact us and we can get you set up with an order for exactly what you want. Don’t forget to pair this knife with a Mighty Hanks handkerchief or a Grommet’s Leathercraft wallet!

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