This Week’s EDC Setup

Pocket Dump of Benchmade Contego, Fenix TR16, G Shock Watch, Field Notes pen, Grommet's Leathercraft wallet

This Week's EDC Setup

This Setup Consists of:

  • Benchmade Contego
  • G Shock Mudmaster Watch
  • Field Notes Expedition Notebook
  • Hinderer Extreme Duty Pen
  • Fenix TK16 Flash Light
  • Grommet’s Leathercraft Manu Wallet


The Knife - Benchmade Contego

This week’s EDC setup is in response to one of the most common requests we get from our customers – what is our recommendation for a reliable hard-use pocket knife and EDC items, things that can be abused and keep going, something that is backed by a strong warranty just in case the worst happens. We have a ton of 

different options in the shop, but as always we start with the knife, and the one we recommend the most often is the Benchmade Contego.

The first thing you notice when you see the Contego in person is the size – the blade alone is almost 4” long (3.98” to be exact), and overall the knife is 9.28” long. The reverse tanto blade is sporting CPM-M4 steel, one of the toughest steels available for a knife, meaning that the Contego can tackle jobs that other knives would fail at. Aggressively textured black G10 handles over full body stainless steel liners give a secure and sturdy grip even under the most extreme conditions, but the knife still comes in at a surprisingly light 5.9 ounces. The Contego has the AXIS lock, and like almost every AXIS lock knife from Benchmade, the action on the knife is smoother and quicker than you would expect, especially for a knife this large. And like all Benchmade knives, the Contego is made in the USA at Benchmade factory in Oregon City, OR. Top of class size, speed, and strength make the Contego an easy recommendation for those who need a hard-use EDC knife. 

The Watch - G Shock Mudmaster

With the knife taken care of our next concern is our watch, and in this case we recommend the G-Shock Mudmaster from the Master of G Series. Like all G-Shock watches, the Mudmaster is built to take a beating, but it goes above and beyond what you expect from the rest of the product line with additional filters to keep out mud and dust, dual layer back cover, carbon fiber inserts, and metal button pipes to ensure a tiger seal against the external environment. The Quad Sensor capabilities use compact sensors to make it possible to pack a compass, altitude/barometer sensor, thermometer, and an accelerometer into a tiny space. For outdoor and hard-use tasks, the Mudmaster from G-Shock is what we recommend. 

The Flash Light - Fenix TK16

When we are talking hard-use, we are often talking about situations where you are going to need to work in poor lighting, if not the dark, which we have the answer for – we love the TK16 as a compact answer to lighting issues, because sometimes you need it to be daytime even when the sun is down. With a range of illumination starting at 10 lumens and running all the way to 1000 lumens, this light has almost every application covered. Because this is also a tactical flashlight, it has the Fenix Dual Tactical Tail Switch for one-finger operation, which allows for incredibly quick use of the brightest setting on the light. A black aluminum textured body, with a 1” diameter means the light is extremely easy to carry and feel solid in hand. Very easy to use every day, regardless of the job, this light lends itself well to a hard-use EDC setup.

The Notebook - Field Notes Expedition

Not knowing what the work will entail means that a waterproof notebook is a must for a lot of jobs, and the Field Notes Expedition series is perfect for that. With a blaze orange cover and water and tear proof, dot-graph paper, this notebook might outlast everything else in this setup. Paired with the Extreme Duty Hinderer pen, you’ve got all your note taking needs covered, regardless of the environment.

The Wallet - Grommet's Leathercraft Manu

lastly, we round out the set with one of our minimalist Grommet’s Leathercraft wallets, which you can get as is, or completely customize to your heart’s content. We use the best leather and hand make every piece, so they will put up to just about any kind of punishment and keep going.

What do you think about our recommendations? What setup do you want to see us do next? Let us know in the comments below or message us with your suggestions.

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